Student Intern for the current year IS:
Lauren Knappenberger

The ISRT Board of Directors is excited to once again have student representation at ISRT Board meetings and looks forward to the perspective that the student community will bring to the Society.

The Student Intern Program offers students the opportunity to work closely with ISRT Board members in order to learn more about the activities, functions, purpose and goals of the Society. Students interested in becoming an ISRT Student Intern must be a member of the ISRT and must be available to attend all ISRT Board of Directors meetings, the ISRT Annual Conference and all Business Sessions. The one year term of the Student Intern would begin at the first ISRT Board meeting at the current year's Annual Conference and would conclude at the close of the following year's Annual Conference. A Student Intern can extend their service a second term if they choose simply by submitting a letter of intent to the ISRT Board of Directors.

Interested students should submit an application to the ISRT Secretary to be received by August 15 of the current year.

Student Intern Manual
Student Intern Application
The ISRT Secretary changes annually. The current Secretary's information can be located in the ISRT Printable Directory.