In support of professional involvement and advancement within the radiologic sciences, the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists offers a Grant-In-Aid for supporting research and teaching. Grants are available for expenses to start or supplement research projects, improve, revise, or expand an existing lecture or develop a new lecture. (Grant amounts available are subject to the annual budget.) Examples might include monetary assistance for research with the intent to publish an article in a medical/educational journal or present an educational lecture at an ISRT educational meeting.


The grant is to be used to cover the expenses involved. Expenses could include, but are not limited to literature searches, statistical analysis of data, duplication of forms, mailing materials and postage, developing slides, developing overheads, and duplication of materials. Expenses would not include the applicant's time and travel costs. Greater consideration will be given to proposals that will benefit the ISRT membership. For more information, see ISRT Grant-In-Aid Information.


The Henry Konecny, RT(R) Student Scholarship is to provide a cash award to assist in educational expenses of entry level radiologic science students. Applicants must be enrolled in an Indiana entry level radiologic science program to be eligible. Applications must be postmarked by Feb 1st, 2023.

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The Margaret "Peggi" Drown Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a member of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists who expresses an interest in attending the Annual Conference and Business Meeting.

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The Past Presidents Technologists Scholarship is to provide a cash award to be used to further the education in the radiologic sciences of a registered radiologic technologist/sonographer. You do not need to be a past ISRT president to apply. Please review the ISRT Past Presidents Technologist Scholarship information for complete details. Applications must be postmarked by Feb 1st, 2023.

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For additional information please contact the Director of Competitions. The Competition’s Director changes annually. The current director’s information can be located in the ISRT Printable Directory.