Dear Indiana R.T. :

Thank you to those of you who have contacted me in response to my previous e-mails regarding the CARE bill. Your support and encouragement motivates me and other members on the ASRT Committee on R.T. Advocacy, to continue educating our colleagues about the CARE Bill and how it affects you. Your questions help us understand what kind of information you and other radiologic technologists and radiation therapists are looking for.

As I speak to more and more people I find there are some basic questions that keep repeating, so I’ve listed below some of the questions asked with, I hope, answers that will help you understand what the CARE Bill is all about.  If you have any more questions or concerns, let me know.  Remember, it is very important to speak out and let your legislators know how you feel. They will be home working the entire month of August so try to make an appointment to see them.


Steve Cohen, RT (R)
Indiana Society Of Radiologic Technologists
ASRT Committee on R.T. Advocacy, member