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  • The ISRT membership year begins on February 1 and ends on January 31 of the following year for Active, RetiredSupporting and Student categories.
  • Individuals may join the ISRT at any time during the year. However, Membership applications received prior to the Annual Conference 2022 will be processed for the current year and will expire on January 31. Membership applications received after the Annual Conference 2022 will automatically be processed for the new membership year, which begins on February 1.
  • Dues are nonrefundable.

ISRT Member Benefits!

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists. Please take a moment to explore the list below.

  • website with many links to keep you  updated on the professional activities of the ISRT.
  • Complimentary subscription to The Indiana Journal of Radiologic Technology, published two times annually.
  • Earn 10-15 continuing education credits at the ISRT Annual Meeting and approved seminars.
  • Reduced registration fees at educational meetings sponsored by the ISRT.
  • Monetary awards available through scholarships and competitions for registered technologists.
  • Monetary grants available to registered technologists to support research and teaching.
  • Opportunities to become a leader by attending the ISRT Leadership Academy, participating on committees, holding an office or planning an educational event.
  • Representation at the ASRT Annual Conference by two Indiana delegates who vote on behalf of the radiologic science professionals in Indiana.
  • Representation on issues such as state and federal licensure laws including the Radiation Control Act of Indiana and the CARE Bill.
  • Board Meetings open to all members to stay informed about current issues. See the calendar for the date and location of the next board meeting.

Membership Categories: (click category to expand and choose membership)

Active Membership - $40

Sign up for a Active Membership:
Need current ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) CARD number, or equivalent. (This excludes Retired Status ARRT card.)

Limited X-Ray Machine Operator - $40

Sign up for a Limited X-Ray Machine Operator Membership:
Must currently have an Indiana Limited General State License.

Supporting Membership - $40

Sign up for a Supporting Membership

Retired Membership - $20

Sign up for a Retired Membership:
Retired members are those who hold retired status with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or equivalent or who meet Social Security Administration requirements for retirement.

Student Membership - $10

Sign up for a Student Membership:
Student members are those who are enrolled in a PRIMARY radiologic science program including Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) approved limited programs.
** Student Membership Cards are unavailable until "Student" status has been confirmed by the Executive Secretary.