Patricia K. Cohen, AS, RT(R)

As of Sept. 15, the membership is at 479; at one point this year, it was at 395. Of the 479, 255 are registered RTs, leaving the remaining 224 as students. Forty-six percent of our membership is comprised of Indiana’s future Radiology Technologists. We should be proud that the membership has increased by 84 members. The perpetual question is; how do we retain the students after graduation? As officers of the ISRT, we need to focus on how to convert 10% of those students to RT members, just 22 additional voting members.

Some of the things we accomplished this year were implementing “going green” on our website. The ISRT Journal is available online twice each year. A new web master was hired and the long awaited electronic voting was put into action. As with anything new, there were a few glitches, but I am confident the process will be fine-tuned.

Going into the electronic age, brought to the forefront the need for social media guidelines. A special committee was established to research, and perhaps write, a new policy for Facebook and website postings. The committee spent many hours in discussion and research, only to find that there is already a policy in place. All was not lost; they did bring a more clear understanding of that policy so the ISRT can maintain a positive image.

Bloomington hosted a one-day educational seminar on Radiation Therapy in April. Those attending provided many positive comments.

Steve Cohen, Chairman Legislative Committee, offered his budgeted travel funds so that a student intern would be able to attend the ASRT RT in DC. There was also a “monetary award” posted on the ISRT website for any RT that was interested in attending. In total, Indiana had seven RTs lobbying for the CARE Bill. To date, IN has seven co-sponsors for the CARE Bill; the most of any state participating in patient advocacy.

The deadline to nominate our state for the ASRT Affiliate Advocacy award was missed, and I hope with ISRT’s success that we will focus on applying again for the 2014 year.

The ISRT was well represented at the ASRT HOD meeting in June. Our Affiliate Delegates, Ashley Smith and Steve Cohen, sat on the floor of the HOD and listened intently to the many proposed by-law changes. After several hours of discussion, they were able to cast their vote on what they deemed to be the best change for ASRT and Affiliates.

Patricia Cohen, ISRT President, and Heidi Sebastian, Vice-President, attended the Leadership Development Program. After completing an on-line program and wrap-up, they received a pin and certificates of completion.

Two of our Student Interns, Danielle Guess and Kate Richmond, also attended the Student Leadership Development Program. They now are serving the ISRT on a committee for selecting two student names to submit to the ASRT in the hope that we will have two more new students attend in 2014.

Patricia Cohen, President, took time out to deliver ISRT Student Scholarship checks. There were three students, chosen by anonymous judges to receive money. First place of $1,500 went to Joshua Lawson, $750 to Danielle Guess and $250 to Lindsay Ganshorn; all are from the Ball State program.

There were changes in ISRT Executive staff and with the BOD as well. Jane Patton notified the board of her resignation in January with the assurance that she would continue her work through the 2013 Annual Conference, and to serve as a consultant for 2014. Michelle (Missy) Fritz was hired in March to begin orienting for the Executive Secretary position. Brian Wooden, Webmaster, resigned in late January due to his full-time job commitments. We were very fortunate to find Joy Nellis-Mooney as his replacement.

Steve Cohen, Immediate Past President and Chairman of the Board, resigned from the position of COB in April. President, Patricia Cohen, took over those responsibilities as stated in the by-laws.

Each officer on the ISRT BOD is very intelligent and brings much experience in decision making to the table. There have been many hours of in-depth discussion on various issues. That is what makes a good group of people for leadership. If we never question each other, or offer ideas, how can we really help our Society to grow?

I would like to thank each of you for challenging and helping this BOD to keep moving forward.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia K. Cohen, AS, RT(R)
ISRT President/COB 2012-2013