Makenzie Jones BS, R.T.(R)

Hello everyone and thank you for attending the ISRT annual conference! Thank you to Ashley Marshall, Rebecca Stout and the entire annual conference committee for pulling it off! I’ve told Ashley and Rebecca multiple times I’m not sure how they did it but they did and for that, they are rock stars!


I would like to start out by saying how humbled and honored I am to become president for the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologist. Thank you for allowing me to serve and do my part for our professional organization. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to the current Board of Directors for mentoring me and showing me the ropes. Special shout out to Lynn Howley and Cindy Petree for sharing their wealth of knowledge to me and always being there when I needed any guidance. If there is one thing, I know I can take from my year as president-elect, it would be the friendships I have made with the awesome individuals on the Board of Directors.


When I say it has been a whirlwind during my time as president-elect, I mean it. Words probably cannot express the emotions I have felt over the past few months. As everyone has heard, Angela Hollingsworth (our president for the 2019-2020 term) passed away in June. Most people probably don’t know that Angela and I worked very closely together and even shared an office together at Deaconess hospital. Angela encouraged me to become an ISRT member and in fact she is a big reason why I am sitting here giving a speech for our organization. To say the Board of Directors took a hit when she passed is such an understatement. It completely knocked down every single one of us. Not only was Angela just an awesome human being, her love and dedication to ISRT was so strong and her commitment was unwavering. When I accepted the responsibility as president-elect, I was happy because I knew Angela would be right by my side guiding me every step of the way. Never in a million years did I think I would be taking a moment during this speech to remember her.


Now that it has been a few months and I’ve started learning how to navigate without such a role model in my life, I am thinking of ways to remember and honor Angela. Specifically, during my time as President and my time while on the board over the next years to come. Angela spent a lot of time thinking about ways to get our organization’s name out there into the ears of fellow technologists. In doing so, she wanted to heavily use social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. During my term as president, I hope to continue this goal by staying involved with our social media committee and encouraging them to create new ideas and new ways to reach out to technologists through social media. During our strategic planning this year, I came up with the idea of potentially creating a membership recruitment committee. I thought, “Would it be beneficial to have a committee with one main objective: To broaden our reach within the state of Indiana in hopes to gain more membership?” Beyond my term as president, I hope to entertain this idea so that we can reach to those members of the medical imaging community who are not ISRT members.


I’m sure some of you recall the ISRT one day Spring conference that was supposed to be held in May this year at Deaconess Gateway hospital. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it was cancelled. This conference was something Angela really looked forward to and also one that Heather Schmuck was working really hard to organize. All of us over here in Evansville Indiana were really excited to invite ISRT members to our stomping grounds. Not only that, but it was a way to encourage non ISRT members to come learn about ISRT and achieve some CE credits. My hope for next year is to hold the ISRT one day Spring conference at Deaconess Gateway hospital with Randy Griswold presenting his digital imaging seminar. I would also like to have a networking event the day before so that ISRT members and even non ISRT members can get together and mingle. Of course, these events are depending on the pandemic that I know we are all steadily trying to fight. Keep an ear out for more information to come.


Aside from membership and outreach being goals during my presidency, I want to organize an event that allows ISRT to give back to its community in a big way. I think it would be so awesome for ISRT as a whole to come together and help people outside of our organization. I have already started planning an easy way for the organization and its members to get involved with the community and do something really special. Again, stay tuned next year for more details!


To wrap things up, I want to thank everyone again for dedicating your time to ISRT. I remember attending my first annual conference during my first year being a member. It may sound cheesy, but I left that conference inspired because I was surrounded by individuals who love our profession as much as I do. I want to encourage everyone to continue loving our profession by sharing our history and educating other imaging professionals about our organization. After all, it is up to us!


As your president I pledge to keep my focus on both the ISRT mission and vision throughout my tenure on the board as well as focusing on our strategic planning goals. I look forward to growing closer with the individuals I have already created friendships with and I’m excited about the ones to come. Thank you and stay safe, everyone.