2019-20 ISRT President
Angela Hollingsworth RT(R)

I would like to start by thanking the membership for having faith in me and entrusting me with the presidency of our professional organization. Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve alongside these wonderful imaging professionals on the ISRT Board of Directors. Thank you to the current Board of Directors for mentoring me along the way and for being a cohesive, supportive group of professionals working toward a common goal.


Lastly, thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to join us here for this wonderful conference hosted by some of our most dedicated members. Thank you for taking time out of your day, your life and away from your loved ones to partake in this experience, networking with colleagues and supporting your Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists. We appreciate your donation of your most valuable asset, your time.


Our Mission:

The purpose of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists is to advance the professions of radiation and imaging disciplines and specialties; to maintain high standards of education; to enhance the quality of patient care; and to further the welfare of radiologic technologists.


Our Vision:

The Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists will be the state professional association to provide education and advocacy for medical imaging, radiation therapy professionals and the community.


I pledge to keep my focus on both the ISRT mission and vision throughout my tenure on the board as well as during this year’s strategic planning.


As a society, we cannot continue to function without you and your most precious commodity, your time.


On that note, we are accepting bids to host the 2020 Spring one-day conference as well as the 2020 Annual Conference, please reach out to me if you are interested in steering or assisting with either of these valuable ISRT events.


It is no secret that the membership of the ISRT is not where it used to be. Our current membership is 386. 235 of those members are students. The efforts of the Board have been focused on growing our membership. We will continue to focus on the growth of our membership utilizing the methods that we have. We will also work to come up with new ideas and methods to recruit seasoned professional as well as the new graduate technologist.


What can we do to draw in the 6,852 licensed Indiana Radiologic Technologists who do not belong to the ISRT? How can we draw in Sonographers? How can we draw in Nuclear Medicine Technologists?


I have asked numerous technologists: why aren’t you a member of the ISRT?


The answer always turns back to what can we, as a society, offer them for their membership?


I have spent this last year pondering this thought, what can we offer to our membership to draw more people in? What do they want? I decided that I don’t know that answer. I am a member, a proud member of the ISRT. I am engaged and constantly working to recruit new members from my professional contacts. I clearly do not think like my colleagues who are not members. And then I thought, as President of the ISRT, I am the voice of the society. I am your voice. So, I need to know what you say and what you hear. So, that is why I placed a survey out by the ISRT BOD poster. That is why I am reaching out to hear what you have to say so that I can lead your society appropriately.


I am, by no means, saying that I have no ideas or plans for the upcoming year, because I definitely have those, but I want to hear from the membership, as well. This is your society. I am here for you. Working with the board of directors, my goal is to transition the ISRT into a relevant, active professional society that appeals to multiple generations of imaging professionals.


We have begun to make some changes, like the trial we are doing with Quiz Bowl as an individual competition instead of a team competition this year. This particular change has drawn much conversation. Please know that your voice matters. This is a trial year and we will most definitely go with the majority opinion as to whether or not to maintain any changes we try, but without change, nothing changes. It has become very evident that the ISRT needs a change that will lead to our longevity and success. Please be vocal and let a member of the board know what you think about changes that are made, but also, remain open to change. It is clear that maintaining status quo for our society will not sustain it.


On a side note to that, as Makenzie Jones, this year’s Quiz Bowl Coordinator will be stepping in to the position of ISRT President-elect, we will have a new Quiz Bowl Coordinator next year, Chris Prifogle, from Evansville, Indiana. Chris has also agreed to chair the inaugural year of our new Social Media Committee.


In an effort to broaden the footprint of the ISRT and hopefully gain exposure to new eyes and draw them in as new members, we are starting a Social Media Committee this year. We have three members who are excited to spread the ISRT social media footprint and get more information out to the membership in more ways. We are looking to also reach those members of the medical imaging community who are not ISRT members in hopes of enticing them to join our cause as well as putting out education and/or valuable information for the community as stated in the ISRT Vision. So, be looking for Tweets and Instagram posts from the ISRT along with those Facebook posts you’re accustomed to. We will use these platforms to not only keep you up-to-date on society news, but also on professional news and pertinent legislation. We are going to be pushing out lots of information. Please like and share all ISRT social media posts so that we are heard.


One of the most powerful things the ISRT can offer to imaging professionals is advocacy. This year, I plan to work on expanding our advocacy efforts and increasing the activities of our Legislative Committee. There’s a reason for that saying: The squeaky wheel gets the oil. We need to be the “squeaky wheel” for imaging professionals.


Several weeks ago, I was at a conference for a PACS vendor and discovered that effective January 1, 2020, the state of Nevada will require radiologic technologists to have a state issued license to operate equipment producing ionizing radiation. This is a wonderful thing, to add another state where there are regulations surrounding who can operate radiographic equipment.


Sadly, the comment from the rad. tech. who was telling me about this change for their state was: “this is a way for the state to get more money from people”. People, in general, have such a negative mindset about the intervention of government regulations like this, but when the VA wanted to allow nurse practitioners to perform and interpret radiographic exams, I often heard: “someone needs to do something”. That someone is us. That “someone” is each member of this professional society. We need to spread the word to our co-workers and colleagues that we are their voice and the larger the group of us, the louder our voice.


I have had numerous conversations with technologists about membership in the ISRT. In fact, many of them have begun to hold a similar opinion of the ASRT that they have long held about the ISRT. This is very frightening to me. The comments are not only about the money that we spend on our state licenses, but also on the money that we spend on our ASRT memberships and how the requirements for continuing education and CQR are merely ways for these entities to get money from the medical imaging professional. We, as active involved members of the ISRT need to join together to debunk these false statements and demonstrate to our peers that what we give our valuable free-time to is worthwhile and worth the small financial investment that we make to maintain this society and advance our profession.


We are Indiana’s society for ALL imaging professionals and I believe that it is the responsibility of each and every member to spread our reach, share our history AND educate individuals as to the benefits they can receive from membership in Indiana’s medical imaging professionals’ society. It is up to us to stand up for the integrity and authenticity of our profession. Moving forward, I hope that you will actively stand with me and my fellow board members to steer the ISRT into a vibrant, sustainable future.


Thank you!


Angela Hollingsworth B.S., R.T.(R)

ISRT President