2013-14 ISRT President
Joy Cook RT(R)(CT)(MR)

Presented at the 2014 Annual Conference Business Meeting

Just as I felt privileged to accept the role of president of the ISRT last year, I feel just as privileged having served my year as President of the ISRT. I am grateful to the outgoing Board of Directors and Executive staff for all of their hard work this past year. Thank you to the committee chairs and their members who have worked to perform their functions as needed by the ISRT. I want to say thank you to my colleagues who have supported me through my last few years on the ISRT Board and to the dedicated ISRT members who have volunteered their time when I have asked. Lastly, I am grateful to my loving family who I have spent many nights away from.

When I took office a year ago I brought the focus of moving the affiliate society forward to greater sustainability. I also knew then that my work and suggestions to do so would not be seen in my Presidential term. During this past year I have focused on bringing educational offerings to the membership in a variety of methods. I have researched the feasibility of offering those CE’s online and being produced by the society. This type of initiative takes the infrastructure of a supportive network, which we did not have at the time, dollars to spend on recruiting individuals to produce the content, if our volunteers were exhausted, dollars to spend on getting the content approved, and volunteers to run the entire program from putting it in an online format, to getting approvals, to maintenance, and producing the CE certificates. As our membership continues to decline, so does the pool of volunteers. I also reached out to three companies that have online CE programs, run those programs, produce new and fresh content, and are responsible for the maintenance and deliverables. With this type of educational program, comes great cost; costs that could not be supported with our current declining budget. Aware of the cost, I asked for additional monetary support from the Indiana Radiological Society to fund additional educational efforts like this. Like many organizations, they too are declining in membership and have watched their budget decline. While to date I have been unsuccessful to secure funds to support this costly initiative, I have a renewed sense of hope in the coming year this ISRT Board will find a way to accomplish this.

As I stated over a year ago, we will need the help and voice of our current membership and students to support development of a plan to move the affiliate forward. I am asking the membership to reach out to the board with their ideas, thoughts, and even volunteerism to help in this initiative. Let this board know what projects are important to you.

In closing, let me say that my involvement in the ISRT this past year as President has been rewarding professionally and personally. I can only challenge the next generations of Presidents to continue to move the society forward to sustainability. Thank you.