2013-14 ISRT President
Joy Cook, RT(R)(CT)(MR)

Presented at the 2014 Annual Conference Business Meeting

As another year of the society has come and gone, membership numbers have not improved and actually have continued to decline. As of the beginning of October, the ISRT had a total of 317 members in all membership categories. In September of 2013, only a year ago, the society had 479 members. A year later we are down in membership by almost 34%. Students currently comprise 44.5% of our membership, which is unchanged from end of year in 2013.

During the spring, your Board of Directors engaged in strategic planning. The planning started with a survey that was sent out to the entire membership. The response rate was low at 26%, but the board was able to narrow the society’s goals to: increasing membership, branding and marketing of the society, and increasing educational opportunities. We will be increasing our advocacy of the profession, utilizing our social media and website to their fullest potential, reaching out to imaging programs and our communities, and investigating possibilities of providing online continuing education for our members.

Also during the spring, the 2014 RT in DC event was held in March. Indiana had seven individuals that lobbied state representatives and senators for their support on the CARE and MARCA bills. Efforts of those attending these events as well as the efforts of those from home have had an impact on the sponsorship of these bills. As of October, there are 80 cosponsors of the CARE bill in the House (up from 68 cosponsors in Spring), with 7 Representatives from Indiana: Brooks, Bucshon, Carson, Messer, Rokita, Walorski, & Young. Members of the society have visited the local office of Marlin Stutzman (IN-3), as well as Pete Visclosky’s (IN-1) office, but these representatives have not committed to cosponsor the bill.

The bill is still in the Subcommittee on Health and was referred there in April 2013. While there are no Senators from Indiana currently cosponsoring the bill, we have heard from their offices that they are waiting on a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) Cost Estimate score. There has been no activity on the bill in the Senate since 3/21/13 when it was referred to the Senate committee where it was read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. MARCA (HR1148) currently has 56 cosponsors (up from 41cosponsors in the Spring); Rep. Carson, Brooks, and Young are the current cosponsors from Indiana. It is currently in the House subcommittee on Health and has been since April 2013. It has not been introduced into the Senate. Please continue to send letters and emails to your state representatives and senators and let them know how important these pieces of legislation are for our community.

In June, the ISRT had many members and members of the Board of Directors attend the ASRT Annual Meeting and House of Delegates. In addition, the ISRT was also represented by student members Taylor Hess and Kristen Allen who participated in the ASRT’s Student Leadership Development Program. Many important position statements were debated and are now available for your review and use on the ASRT’s website.

The ISRT unveiled its new web-site in August. The platform of the old ISRT web-site was outdated and had to be updated to support adding new features for our members. Keeping the outdated platform would have left the web-site open for security concerns, which also made the upgrade a necessity. The new web-site has a member log in area, a member’s only section, an easy means to update your personal information and supports online voting.

This was the second year for electronic voting and the first year for the process using the new web-site. We thank you for your comments regarding voting and have listened to your concerns and suggestions for improvement. We will be continuing to improve upon the electronic voting process in the coming year.

The Society did not have any bids to host a one day educational opportunity in the state this year and still have not heard of any interest for 2015. Additionally, the Society has not received a bid for the 2015 Annual Conference. While we know that with declining membership comes a decline in volunteerism, the Society needs your support to host these events. Please consider giving your profession and your Society your time.

The Society did experience some changes in Executive staff and on the Board of Directors. The Society lost Treasurer Mari Sanders in January. Finance Chairman Steve Cohen assumed the position until Dianna Sharp was selected according to bylaws by the remaining board members in February. With the changes in the treasurer position, the ISRT decided to undergo a financial review. I am pleased to report that in July, the board was presented with a very favorable review by Donovan CPA firm. In February we were notified that Executive Secretary Michelle Fritz would be leaving her executive position. She stayed with the Society until April, when we were able to have Danielle Guess assume the position. It is with a sad note that we are currently in the process of reviewing resumes for our Executive Secretary position as Danielle Guess has notified us of her resignation.

While I have just presented a more detailed account of the activities of the year, throughout the year your Board of Directors have been engaged in many discussions regarding the policies and procedures of the Society, responding to member requests, and addressing various other issues of the business of the Society. Please remember that your Board of Directors is always available to answer your questions or take your comments. We also encourage all that are interested in volunteering time to the Society please contact a member of the board for volunteer opportunities.